Brite Tanks


  • Flanged & dished top and bottom heads  
  • Top or side-entry manway
  • Multi-zone glycol cooling jackets
  • Carbonation stone and fitting
  • Sample port with sample valves 
  • 30psi pressure gauge (0-30psi)
  • CIP with sprayball
  • Pressure relief valve  
  • Clear PVC sight level tube
  • Calibration strip 
  • Single wall or insulated and clad in stainless steel
  • 14.9 psi maximum operating pressure or option for ASME certified tanks
  • Custom heights & diameters


30 BBL Jacketed Brite Tank

20 BBL Jacketed Brite Tanks

10 BBL Jacketed Brite Tank

7 BBL Jacketed Brite Tank

Single wall

30 BBL Single Wall Brite Tank

15 BBL Single Wall Brite Tanks

7 BBL Single Wall Brite Tanks

5 BBL Single Wall Brite Tanks

5 BBL Single Wall Stacked Brite Tanks