Frequently Asked Questions


OUR Quality

Are your products made in the United States?

YES, we proudly fabricate our tanks in Portland, Oregon.  If you would like a tour of our facility, give us a call - 971-319-6600.

Do you use American-made materials?


Are you ASME Certified?

YES, as of January 2017. 

Can I have a reference list of your former customers?

YES, if you would like to read our customer testimonials, click here: Testimonials.  To see our full list of customers, click here: Our Customers.  To receive a custom reference list of our customers near you or who have purchased the products you are interested in, please email


Our Brewhouses and tanks

Can you build my brewhouse and tanks however I want?

YES, we specialize in building custom brewery equipment.  We understand that your beer is custom, so your tanks should be custom too.  We will work with you to meet any height restrictions, design requirements, aesthetic preferences, etc.

What kind of brewhouse control panels do you offer?

Touch screen or manual push button. 

Do you offer installation with your brewhouses?

YES, just ask your salesman to include it with your quote. 


Our Shop

Do you build anything besides brewing equipment?

YES, we also build wine, cider, water, yeast propagation, coffee, and distilling tanks. Wondering if we can build something for you? Just ask!

Can I visit your fabrication shop?

YES, we love having visitors! Just give us a call (971-319-6600) so we know to expect you. 


Don't see the answer to your question here? Email or call 971-319-6600.  Cheers!